Stress Test Biofeedback Card and Booklet

Stress Test Biofeedback Card and Booklet Publisher: Self Programmed Control Pr/Spc Pr
Author: Alfred A. Barrios
Language: English
Pages: 14
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The Stress Test includes both the original stress control biofeedback card and a stress control handbook. The card is a thermal biofeedback device actually more valuable than electronic biofeedback devices costing in the thousands of dollars. This is because the card is portable and can be used whenever a person is stressed not just in the doctor's office. Plus the card has four relaxation techniques on the back that allow you to control your stress at the time of need. The card is the size of a credit card with a liquid crystal square that allows you to accurately measure fingertip temperature. The square changes color going from black to red to green to blue as the temperature rises. Blue indicates a temperature of 95 degrees F or higher which according to thermal biofeedback studies has been shown to be the criterion temperature indicative of being sufficiently relaxed to get rid of most stress-related problems. The handbook goes into great detail as to the many dangers and illnesses associated with excess stress including high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, alcohoism, drug and cigarette addiction. It also provides evidence from innumerable studies on thermal biofeedback that the card can indeed help eliminate many stress-related problems. Finally, it also provides additional methods for controlling stress including time management techniques, developing a set of positive mental attitudes to help one roll with the punches of life as well as a set of  powerful mind-control techniques that facilitate re-programming of negative behaviors that might be causing stress. One of the biggest problems with most people is that it is very hard for them to change. These Self-Programmed Control (SPC) techniques facilitate re-programming. One can thus see why when the Stress Test first came out it reached as high as #2 on the Times best-seller list.      --the author (and inventor of the stress card) Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D.