Our French-Canadian Ancestors, Volume I

Our French-Canadian Ancestors, Volume I Publisher: Lisi Press
Author: Gerard Lebel
Language: English
Pages: 245
Genealogy of the following ancestors: Audet dit Lapointe, Berube, Blais, Blanchet, Couture, Deblois, Dionne, Fortin dit Bellefontaine, Gagnon, Lacasse, Lavergne, LeRoy, Lessard, Levesque, Paquin, Paradis, Pilote, Pothier, Rheaume, Rondeau, Savard, Trudeau, Vachon, Veilleux and many more surnames of French-Canadian descent. Has illustrations (drawings) of maps, scenery, and people. Bibliographies and individuals' personal lives take the reader on a personal journey with the them. In Appendix A, M. Laforest compiles a glossary of french words and terms found in French-Canadian genealogy and transcribes the meaning in english. Appendix F is A Comparative Table. This shows the Ancestor, His Province of Origin, His Occupation, His Wife, Her Province of Origin, and Their Date of Marriage. The last two pages are for your own history for future generations.