Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills

Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills Publisher: Paul H Brookes Pub Co
Author: Judith R. Birsh, Ed.D. (Editor), Columbia University (ret.), Sally E. Shaywitz, M.D. (Foreword), Yale University School of Medicine
Language: English
Pages: 786
As new research shows how effective systematic and explicit teaching of language-based skills is for students with learning disabilities along with the added benefits of multisensory techniques discover the latest on this popular teaching approach with the third edition of this bestselling textbook. Adopted by colleges and universities across the country, this definitive core text is now fully revised and expanded with cutting-edge research and more on hot topics such as executive function, fluency, and adolescent literacy.

The most comprehensive text available on multisensory teaching, this book shows preservice educators how to use specific multisensory approaches to dramatically improve struggling students' language skills and academic outcomes in elementary through high school. They'll be prepared to

help students develop skills in key areas such as phonological awareness, letter knowledge, handwriting, phonics, fluency, spelling, comprehension, composition, and mathematics

plan structured, explicit multisensory language lessons that incorporate two or more senses

create a positive classroom environment conducive to effective teaching and learning for struggling students

conduct successful assessment of reading difficulties and monitor progress

teach older students who struggle with reading

work effectively with high-functioning adults with dyslexia

conduct biliteracy instruction for Spanish-speaking students

meet the needs of students who use assistive technology

know the rights of individuals with dyslexia
A text to keep and use long after the course is over, this book includes practical strategies and guidelines on planning lessons, conducting assessment, helping students with learning disabilities develop good study skills, and more. And the broad and deep coverage of multisensory teaching unmatched by other texts make this an essential reference and professional development resource for in-service teachers and reading specialists.

With this timely new edition of an authoritative textbook, teachers will be prepared to deliver high-quality multisensory instruction that improves outcomes for students with learning disabilities and their peers.