10 Free Games for Your Kindle

10 Free Games for Your Kindle Publication Date: February 11, 2012
Language: English
Pages: 10
Kindle Edition
I learned to play solitaire from my brother when I was a boy. Our father took us to Orchard Beach in The Bronx on the bus and we would sit on the grass playing catch or playing solitaire or gin rummy.

I first learned what is called Klondike and then pyramid, all the while trying to keep the wind from blowing the cards away.

Fast forward and as an adult I have been teaching my son to play, too and we have had fun as he learned what I have learned . . . that I will lose far more than I will win, luck is a huge part of the game and don’t cheat!

Although there is something about holding cards in your hand or a boy learning how to shuffle a deck, The Kindle and the Kindle Fire is a great platform for playing games of all sorts. And, to be clear, these are not actual games, but information about some of the free games available for your Kindle.

I hope that you and your family enjoy playing these games as much as I used to playing cards on a sunny day in The Bronx.